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A simple concept to give your interior a new dimension


Decorating the wall behind your bed gives the room more depth. The natural warmth of oak creates a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

Hotel main desk

The choice of a structured surface combined with a slightly iridescent finish contrasts perfectly with a stone-type floor. It creates a luxurious, but warm atmosphere.

Office space

This luminous golden patina finish makes for a snug, but structured workspace. The woven pattern is enhanced by the shiny finish.

Haussmann-style living room

Stylish traditional mouldings combined with a timeless weathered wood wall turns this into a modern space while retaining the historic reference. A bold, resolutely modern blending of styles.

Californian living room

The height and the volume of the space are emphasised by the vertical grain in the wall panelling. The choice of this very graphic finish gives the wall personality, a picture-like effect worth looking at in its own right…

Mountain cottage

A deep black spruce wall paneling that highlights the fireplace in this very woody decor

Open space office

A timeless and chic finish for a minimalist and pure design.

Bistro style restaurant

The walnut wall decor reinforces the authenticity of the space.

New York loft

This dark and graphic wood reveals the character and cachet to this very bright room

Bohemian bedroom

The half-timber paneling contributes to the bohemian spirit of the design. It also gives an impression of high ceiling which increases size of the room.

Vintage living

A textured finish which illuminates the space by reflections.

Industrial style restaurant

This sophisticated patina contrasts with the raw side of the furniture to create this atypical industrial style.

Modern living room

This structured decor on a section of wall highlights the beautiful height of the room in soft and timeless colors.


Vertical wooden wall panels allows to increase the space of this corridor and make it brighter.

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