Simulate your space

Let the simulator guide you and you will be able to visualise the effect created by your panelling personalised with your finish. You can also download the visual to keep.

If you have any difficulties at all, don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

1. Choose your collection
2. Choose your finish
Softened beige oak
Pearl grey weave patina
Silver moiré patina
Bronze textured patina
Limed soft oak
Black weathered tamo ash
Gun metal metallic patina
Burnt spruce wood
Softened beige oakMILB3389
Pearl grey weave patinaMILL1107
Silver moiré patinaMILL1017
Bronze textured patinaMILL0469
Limed soft oakMILB3491
Black weathered tamo ashMILB3156
Gun metal metallic patinaMILL1368
Burnt spruce woodMILB3414
Grey-stained spruce
White ochre textured patina
Natural white spruce
Silver Louro faia
Washed oak
Shimmering grey oak
Sandy weathered spruce
Shimmering light patina
Grey-stained spruce MILB3416
White ochre textured patina MILL1281
Natural white spruceMILB2883
Silver Louro faia MILB2136
Washed oakMILB3209
Shimmering grey oak MILB3139
Sandy weathered spruceMILB3009
Shimmering light patinaMILL1230
Golden weave patina
Golden oak
Timeless oak
Country oak
Oak of yesteryear
Walnut for our time
Toned oak
Browned walnut
Golden weave patina MILL0953
Golden oak MILB3412
Timeless oakMILB3422
Country oakMILB3317
Oak of yesteryearMILB3153
Walnut for our time MILB3310
Toned oak MILB2451
Browned walnutMILB1591
Amber yellow - matt
Burnt shade - glossy
Terra cotta – glossy
Amber yellow - glossy
Peacock blue - glossy
Sweet almond - glossy
Sandstone - glossy
Dune – glossy
Ivory - glossy
Burnt shade - matt
Terra cotta – matt
Peacock blue - matt
Sweet almond - matt
Sandstone - matt
Dune – matt
Ivory - matt
Amber yellow - mattMILLM1372
Burnt shade - glossyMILLB1380
Terra cotta – glossyMILLB1379
Amber yellow - glossyMILLB1378
Peacock blue - glossyMILLB1331
Sweet almond - glossyMILLB1321
Sandstone - glossyMILLB1377
Dune – glossyMILLB1376
Ivory - glossyMILLB1375
Burnt shade - mattMILLM1374
Terra cotta – mattMILLM1373
Peacock blue - mattMILLM1349
Sweet almond - mattMILLM1348
Sandstone - mattMILLM1371
Dune – mattMILLM1370
Ivory - mattMILLM1369
3. Choose your design
We explain how to adjust your panels to your wall. Our advices