How does Mil's concept work ?

See how our concept works by watching the video on the concept page..

I've got some technical questions: who should I contact ?

See out tutorials on our advice pageand don't hesitate to ask any questions you have via our contact page. Your project will always be checked and validated by a Mil expert when you place your order, before it goes into production.

I would like a decor that isn't on the site - is it possible ?

Everything's possible! Don't hesitate to tell us what you need using our contact form. A Mil expert will get back to you.

Where can I see your products ?

On our site, you can see all our finishes and don't hesitate to order samples to see the materials you are interested in. You can also check out our Gallery of Ideas.

What materials are used in the panels ?

The backing boards we use are Next Natural Panel, onto which we apply genuine wood veneer or lacquer depending on the finish chosen.

What standards do the panels meet ?

We can prepare M1 fire-retardant or water-repellent panels on request.

How do I deal with corners ?

We provide you with special pieces for the corners. Our Mil expert will analyse exactly what you need and advise you before you order.

How do I adjust the panelling to my room ?

Like floor parquet, Mil panels need to be adjusted when you install them. You can find our installation guide on our advice page.

Under what conditions should I store and install my panelling ?

The panels must be installed in water and airtight premises at a temperature between 15 and 25° inclusive and a relative humidity of 50%.

How should I take care of my products ?

Panelling should be dusted with a soft cotton cloth (no microfibre), and you can use ordinary off-the-shelf cleaning products compatible with varnished furniture. Don't use detergents with too acid or too alkaline a pH. Don't use solvents or wax-based products. Also, never rub or scratch to remove marks.

How do I place an order ?

Go to the request a quote tab on the website and enter the information for your project. A Mil expert will contact you to check and validate your project before you finally place the order.

Can I order extra panels?

You can, but because each production is unique, made with natural materials and hand-finished by our craftsmen, we are unable to guarantee that the extra panels will be a perfect match with the first batch. This is one of the reasons why our Mil expert will check your order to make sure you have calculated the quantities you need correctly.

What is the production lead time ?

It takes 8 to 10 weeks to produce your order specifically for you.

What are the delivery times ?

We work with independent carriers, so the delivery date will be provided when you place the order.

How do I install my panels ?

See our installation instructions on our advice page.

Is it possible to cancel or alter my order ?

You have 48 hours to alter or cancel your order. After that, it will no longer be possible to do so.

Can I return my order ?

As your order is manufactured specifically for you, returns are not possible.

Want to know more ? Don't hesitate to ask for a quote or consult our advice